Amy While

iOS Developer; Reverse Engineer; Student

Hey! I'm Amy, a software engineer based in North West England. I am currently in sixth form studying Computer Science, Electronics and Mathematics. My primary development focus is iOS applications, with three years of experience using Swift, Objective-C and UIKit.

I have a strong interest in reverse engineering and robotics. I was critical in ensuring the college robotics team scored highly in regional and national competitions. Additionally, I help mentor younger members of the group in programming and presentation skills.

Swift Student Challenge Winner in 2021.

Want to get in touch? I can be found online on Twitter, Discord, Mastodon, and GitHub. Alternatively, send me an email.



Aemulo is an iOS app for reading, writing and emulating NFC tags. It features a rich NDEF editor and the ability to customise UID and emulate from Wallet.

Swift, Obj-C, C, UIKit, JSON

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Centralis is a complete replacement for the EduLink One app for iOS devices. Featuring a modern native UI and blazing-fast speeds, it is an ideal alternative.

Swift, UIKit, JSON, REST API, SQLite

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Signal Reborn

As the spiritual successor to the original Signal for iOS devices, Signal Reborn is a modern app that plots the cell towers around you and shows your connection stats.

Swift, Obj-C, C, UIKit, SQLite

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A modern APT GUI for jailbroken iOS devices for both Procursus and Elucubratus with support for modern repo standards and native depictions.

Swift, Obj-C, C, UIKit, SQLite, Mac Catalyst

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A runtime tweak for iOS which disables the signature checks in carrier bundles allowing for the use of custom/modified values.


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A simple proof-of-concept application which forces the window server to crash on iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS.

Swift, UIKit

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